Ubisoft Discusses For Honor's Current State

Ubisoft Discusses For Honor's Current State
By Ryan St. Wrba

On Friday morning, Eurogamer published an article with game director Roman Campos Oriola going into the nitty-gritty details of For Honor. Oriola covers important hot topics such as the superiority of defensive options compared to offensive in high-level play.

The note that stood out the most from the gameplay and balance discussion was that the ability to block an incoming attack after feinting was unintended by the dev team. If they alter this so players cannot easily defend counterattacks when they feint attacks, it could dramatically increase the risk when attempting to parry. Parry is already considered the strongest mechanic in the game, considering it leads to the max damage punishes in most situations.

The game's netcode and matchmaking issues were also gone over, with Oriola stating that most of the reported issues were caused by network and infrastructure rather than the often-scapegoated P2P system that For Honor employs.

For me, the biggest takeaway from the interview, is that Oriola called For Honor a fighting game outright, dispelling any mystery regarding the development team's intent and goals when designing the game.

Overall, the interview comes as reassurance to me that the devs understand the issues present in For Honor but are simultaneously cautious and thoughtful with any changes they may make.

Source: Eurogamer
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