Check Out Footage Of The Never Released Primal Rage 2!

Check Out Footage Of The Never Released Primal Rage 2!
If you've never heard of Primal Rage, it was a fighting game originally released in arcades by Atari in 1994. It took place on a post-apocalyptic Earth titled "Urth" (yes, seriously). You could play as one of seven beasts:


The game was...OK and was ported to Genesis, Game Gear, 3DO, MS-DOS, Amiga, Game Boy, SNES, Atari Jaguar CD, PlayStation, Sega 32X, and even Sega Saturn. Basically, if you had a console in the mid-'90s, you could play Primal Rage. It even worked with the Sega Activator!

And as someone who actually used an Activator, I can tell you first hand: It was not good.

So now that you're caught up on Primal Rage, let's get to the news! Primal Rage 2 was slated to release in 1996 but was cancelled when Atari felt the fighting game market was over saturated and didn't think the game would sell enough. The title has remained a mystery until now, as a fan has made the unreleased version of the game playable!

"Unfinished builds of Primal Rage 2 have been accessible here and there over the years, but even die-hard fans couldn't get the game running in MAME. That changes now as a dedicated fan's multi-year project has finally succeeded.

Utilizing a custom version of MAME known as MAME4RAGE2, it is now possible to check out the unreleased Primal Rage 2 in a fully playable format."
-- HardcoreGamer

So if you've ever wondered what the fabled Primal Rage 2 looked like in action, now you know! You can seek it out on the internet and try for yourself (sorry we can't link it here).

Source: HardcoreGamer
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