King Of Fighters XIV: Rock Howard Beginner Guide

By Ryan St. Wrba

Here’s the first of four videos covering the new DLC characters recently added to The King of Fighters XIV. First, we’ll be going into Rock Howard.

Rock is the main character of classic SNK title Garou: Mark of the Wolves and is the son of Fatal Fury villain Geese Howard. However, after Geese’s “death” during the series, Rock was taken in and trained by Terry Bogard. Thus, Rock’s fighting style is a combination of two mortal enemies.

In KOFXIV, Rock Howard is a well-balanced character that can easily fit into any team lineup on point, mid, or anchor. He has numerous tools at his disposal, including projectiles, command throws, counters, and an invincible reversal. He’s a good choice for newcomers, as he can be played very effectively with just his basic tools but has deeper potential for those who commit to him and explore his options thoroughly.

In this quick start guide, I’ll be going through Rock’s normals, specials and supers as well as explaining the properties of his EX moves in Max Mode and how to get into Max Mode with Rock.

This covers the very basics needed to get started with Rock in KOFXIV. But we’ve still got three new characters left to breakdown, so be sure to check out our next quick-start guide featuring Vanessa.
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