King Of Fighters XIV: Vanessa Beginner Guide

By Ryan St. Wrba​​

Vanessa is featured in our second quick-start guide for the new KOFXIV DLC characters.

Vanessa first appeared in the NESTS Saga of the King of Fighters, specifically KOF2000. Perhaps due to the rarity of female boxers in fighting games, and her overall coolness, Vanessa became a fan favorite very quickly.

Like many of the characters that appeared during the NESTS Saga, Vanessa is an extremely unorthodox character for KOF and requires that you really understand the ins and outs of her movelist to begin to grasp how to play her. She lacks a lot of easy-to-implement tools such as meterless dragon punches, command grabs, and projectiles.

Instead, she has several evasive movement specials that can be cancelled into one another, freeform. However, using these tools is not straightforward and encourages specialization in the character.

In an effort to try and reduce the load of learning the character, this quick-start guide seeks to cover the basics of Vanessa, including her normals, specials, and, more specifically, her two trademark moves: Puncher Vision and Puncher Weaving.

A beginner-friendly guide is hard to provide for a character like Vanessa. But hopefully, this video allows people to familiarize themselves with her moveset and decide if they want to continue learning the sweet science with the character.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our Yamazaki quick-start guide, coming next!
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